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  The GBO S1080HD™ "All Day/All Night" Surveillance and Network Camera combines the unique Deep Field Focus technologies of GBO with the combination of ultra-low-noise CMOS image sensor and a powerful System On Chip (SOC) image processor turning "night into day" > See More  
  The InfinityLens™ and InfinityLens+™ Lens range provide a wide selection of C, CS and M mount Deep Field Focus lens solutions using the unique Deep Field Focus technologies of GBO suitable for use with most existing quality commercial CCTV and broadcast camera solutions. > See More  
National Geographic (Nat Geo) aired in Australia in 2012 and since then in several television markets around the world the documentary entitled “The Aussie Who Baffled The World” being the extraordinary true story of Australian wildlife cinematographer, inventor of the Deep Field Focus technologies and co-founder of GBO Jim Frazier... > See More
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